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American Dental Association

The ADA was established in 1859. Today, they have more than 155,000 dentist members. As the world’s largest and oldest national dental association, they are the oral health authority committed to both the public and the dental profession.

Academy of General Denistry

The Academy of General Dentistry ‘s (AGD) covers all of the areas necessary to build and maintain a successful dental career. From continuing education to advocacy to connecting individual in the dentistry field, the AGD does everything it can for the general dentist.

Christian Medical & Dental Associations

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations exist to motivate, educate, and equip Christian physicians and dentists to glorify God by,living out the character of Christ in their homes, practices, communities and around the world; pursuing professional competence and Christ-like compassion in their daily work; influencing their families, colleagues, and patients toward a right relationship with Jesus Christ; advancing Biblical principles in bioethics and health to the Church and society.

Idaho State Dental Association

Representing more that 875 dentists throughout the state of Idaho, the Idaho State Dental Association (ISDA) is 112 years old. The office is located in Boise, Idaho. We are a constituent of the American Dental Association the professional organization of dentists throughout the U.S. who are dedicated to providing the best care for their patients. ISDA is also affiliated with seven districts throughout the state.